Imagine a city set against the most beautiful and inspiring gardens replicated from around the world. These magnificent creations, each an international tourism showpiece is yet another first for any city in the world.

These gardens will in turn inspire the creation of other similarly themed landscaped parks and open areas in their respective vicinities. The result is an unending vista of gardens, one blending into the next to make the Melaka Education City truly, a unique garden city.

Water will be a central feature of our parks and gardens. Rivers and streams flowing through the Melaka Education City will be cleaned up and their banks beautified to turn them into havens of relaxation and outdoor activities. Natural and man-made ponds and lakes will add to the natural charm as well as the many fountains that will dot the city landscape.

The Melaka Education City will be a celebration of nature in line with the Government's call to green the nation. It will be a source of tremendous national pride: a joy to behold, and a blessing for every resident.


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