Skill Set: Sadec Projects is able to draw upon a wide base of skill sets and experience for the successful development and implementation of assignments in the Asia Pacific region. The approach to our consultancy practice is focused on the provision of quality service which meet client requirements and customer satisfaction. This is achieved by:
  • having a clear appraisal and understanding of client requirements;
  • identifying and assessing critical issues;
  • careful planning of the assignment;
  • drawing on and providing the appropriate consultancy resources;
  • careful project management of the assignment; and
  • a continuous quality monitoring of the progress of the assignment.
Support Deployment: Sadec Projects uses a wide range of computer software and services which it can deploy in the provision of consultancy services. The use of such technology capacity ensures that effective commercial solutions can be applied to solve emerging project issues and constraints. This is further enhanced by reference to an extensive database of operational experience both within and with our affiliated consultancy companies. The net result is that optimum solutions are generated.

Affiliations: Sadec Projects can provide its customers with a number of advantages, since:

  • it is able to draw upon the Sadec Group and its international affiliates for both appropriate consultancy resource and the latest practical, technical and operational solution;
  • its broad range of services, covering the project and business life cycle;
  • its links with other consultancy companies;
  • the experience of its staff in working in a wide range of consultancy;
  • the depth of operational, management, technical, legal, financial and commercial expertise it is able to draw upon; and
  • its satisfied customer base, within and external to Sadec Group in the Asia Pacific region.
The combination of the aforesaid factors enables Sadec Projects to provide a comprehensive service capability to its customers.

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