A well-wisher suggested recently that we compile and publish a listing of privatization deals in the Asia region. There is presently little or no information of tendered bids, bids that have completed, financing mandates being sought, and other information. This information will be very useful to international and regional investors, financiers, promoters, governments, contractors, and other parties who are involved in the privatization sector.

We are taking on the challenge, and have begun to compile such a list. Of course, we need help. So if you do have any information at all regarding the privatized projects in your country, kindly drop us a note. You assistance will help us help everyone.

We are hoping to keep the listing principally on Asia for now. Why Asia? It so happens that Asia is an active bed for privatization projects, we know something about Asia, and are already involved in the regional privatization sector. So we hope to make this as a start. If there is good response, feedback, and inputs from readers like you, we can help compile other lists for the remaining regions in the world.

For those not familiar with Asia, Asia has some three-fourths of the world's population. The market is huge - several times that of United States. And despite Japan's financial problems, Japan continues to be the world's largest creditor nation. China posted double digit GNP growth for more than a decade, and it was Asia which had the tiger and dragon economies - a resounding GNP growth rate never heard of in Europe or America.

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"Asia is a goldmine of opportunity. Speed wins, time is the devil."

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