Deals involve buyers and sellers. There is no deal without either. We have been involved in putting togther buyers and sellers, and making the deals happen. We specialise in medium-sized acquisitions and divestments in Asia because there are more of them, and they complete fast. Contact us directly if you have any specific needs in the region.

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Why Asia? With the financial crisis, Asian currencies took a severe plunge. This makes imports from Asia much cheaper. Now that the Asian economies are rebounding, trade will increase, and so will business profits. Businesses can be thus be acquired at very attractive prices -- potential earnings are rising, and exchange rates are low.

Asia has some three-fourths of the world's population. The market is huge - several times that of United States. And despite Japan's financial problems, Japan continues to be the world's largest creditor nation. China posted double digit GNP growth for more than a decade, and it was Asia which had the tiger and dragon economies - a resounding GNP growth rate never heard on in Europe or America.

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"Asia is a goldmine of opportunity. Speed wins, time is the devil."

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