Sadec Group operations in Asia Pacific covers principally project development, and corporate services. The project development unit is interested in assisting promoters in their privatization initiatives. Sadec can act in several roles:

1. as Project Advisor assisting in conceptualizing the privatization proposals, negotiating the proposal with the relevant governmental agencies, and assisting in project implementation.

2. as Financial Advisor, assisting in structuring the project financing requirements of the project, procurement of financial commitment, completing security documentation, and facilitating timely disbursement of funds.

The corporate services unit is keen to assist businesses in their acquisition, merger and divestment initiatives. The roles Sadec could play includes:

1. act as the Corporate Advisor, to conceptualize, formulate and implement the strategies for acquisitions, mergers or divestments, or

2. as Deal Maker, to help source potential buyers, vendors or target companies as the case may be, generating and negotiating the deal, documenting the deal, and raising funding to complete the deal.

Why Sadec? In the privatization sector, we have experience both as promoters as well as advisors -- a unique combination of skill sets that enable the early conclusion of the protacted process involved in privatization initiatives.

In our first few years in the mergers & acquisition market, we have already established a good track record in deal generation and completion. This is attributable to of our diverse skill sets. We have the technical background to appraise the merits of an opportunity, the corporate & financial background to generate, structure, negotiate and fund deals. We are not mere brokers, rather we facililate the complete process. We are deal-makers.

If you need to review our experiance, please follow this link for a sampling, or drop us a note, and we will provide you a detailed profile.

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