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Note from the Webmaster
Note # 4 [10 November 1998]
Thank you for visiting our pages. We have started a Sports Online section with particular reference to World Sports. We have featured updates on the XVI Commonwealth Games in Kuala Lumpur which took place from 11 to 21 September, 1998. We are now gearing up to provide regular updates on the forthcoming XIII Asian Games in Bangkok from 6 to 20 December 1998.

We now also feature the column Asia in Focus which brings to you a regular critical assessment of the global business environment and its relevance to Asia Pacific. We have also added an ancilliary column, Tell Me A Tale touching on Asian folk lore with a slant towards their relevance under current situations. Here are the links:
    Asia in Focus
    Tell Me A Tale : The Wise Goose

The Country Profile column is taking a while to complete. Todate, we have published Vietnam - the land of the dragon people. We are still working to finalising the fact sheets for Thailand, Malaysia and Sri Lanka which we hope to publish later.

The Business Opportunities column is still awaited. We had requested our designers to create a database of entries to enable easy access of our collection of contacts, links and information resources. This has continued to prove to be a difficult process... but should begin to take form, now that the redesign of the site with additional functionalities is completed. Preliminaries are available though.

We have done away with frames with effect from 30 August 1998 (we have learned why), and are experimenting dynamic HTML, starting with style sheets. We will probably introduce VRML later, though we are advised it may be better to wait until the new standards are officially approved.

We have always wanted this site to be interactive. We have therefore added an online Message Board. The Message Board is for you to post your comments, feedback, and what-else (our job is to read and consolidate the posting). Or, you may sign our Guestbook on the fly, by following the link.

That's all folks, for the time being. We are pleased to have you visit our site. SURF.

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