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We link buyers and sellers in our Trade List. We also feature offers for agency, or agency wanted; and other general offers (which cannot be categorized in the the other offer categories). If there is a special business deal or business opportunity (not related to MLM, associate program, or website services), this is featured in the business deals section. MLM, associate program and website promotion are featured in Sell Offers (Internet Category). You can use the quick navigator below to view the category of interest to you.
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We provide below details of the classification system we have adopted for categorizing the offers. Kindly follow the system if you intend to post offers on our Trade List. Correct posting in the relevant category will ensure that the posted offers get the correct viewers.
  • Sell Offers   All offers to sell something. Sell offers have been categorized in detail. See below for detailed categories.
  • Buy Offers   All offers to buy something. As this is a trade list, buy items are generally products available from Asia, or required by Asia. If you wish to buy something, you could post here. Please follow the column if you wish to supply something that others are interested to buy. If you wish to sell something, please post your offers on the sell offer categories.
  • Agency Offers   If you are a manufacturer or wholesale/distributor and wish to appoint agents/distributors for your products, you can post in this section. If you are looking to become agents/distributors of specific products, you can also post your agency wanted profile. This section hopes to quickly build agency relationship for business/trade development between Asia and the rest of the world.
  • General Offers   Offers which are not of any of the type above, are posted in this section. This section also includes shipping, trade support services, trade exhibitions, trade shows, forums, trade directories, trade financing/facilitation arrangement, etc.
  • Business Deals   Special business opportunities, business deals, business investment opportunities, mergers, acquisition, joint-venture, and similar business arrangement offers are featured in this section.

Sell Offer categories
  • Agro-based & Food Products: Beverage & alcohol, Cocoa & cocoa products, Confectionary, Fish & fish products, Floriculture, Fruits & Vegetables, Livestock & livestock products, Palm Oil-based products, Tobacco products
  • Automobile: Automobile, Commercial vehicles, Accessories, Motorcycles, Motor vehicles, Parts & components
  • Aviation: Aircraft engines & equipments, Aircraft parts & accessories, Light aircrafts
  • Building & Construction: Architectural & decoratives, Construction equipments, General building materials, Hardwares, Miscellaneous
  • Ceramics: Electrical ceramics, Engineering ceramic, Magnetic ceramic, Refractories, Structural clay, Whiteware
  • Composites: Appliances equipments, Building & construction, Consumer products, Corrosion-resistant related, Electronics components, Recreational products, Sporting goods
  • Electrical & Electronics: Computers & peripherals, Consumer electronics, Electrical appliances, Electrical industrial apparatus, Semiconductors, Telecommunications
  • Furniture & Fixtures: General household furnitures, Household decoratives, Office furniture & equipments, Outdoor furnitures, Miscellaneous
  • Internet & Website Services: Internet Services, multi-level marketing, website marketing & promotion, search engine, internet telephony, website hosting, affiliate programs, site links, FFA links, banner exchange, advertising, e-commerce applications
  • Machinery & Equipment: Accessories & parts, Materials handling equipment, Measuring equipment, Medical equipment & supplies, Production machinery, Production tooling, Safety equipment, Testing equipment
  • Metals: Aluminium & Zinc Die products, Aluminium extrusions, Copper, Iron & steel castings, Iron & steel fabrication, Iron & steel mills, Other Non-Ferrous castings, Tin & Lead
  • Petrochemicals : Aromatics, Butylene, Ethylene, Methane, Petroleum & related products, Propylene
  • Pharmaceuticals: Beauty & cosmetics, Blood products, Generic engineered drugs, Generic ethical drugs, Medical equipment & supplies, Over-the- Counter drugs (OTC), Patented Ethical drugs (MNC), Traditional medicines, Vaccines, Veterinary pharmaceutical
  • Rubber & Plastics: Footwear, Industrial & general goods, Latex goods, Tyres & related products
  • Textile & Apparel: Apparel, Fashion & accessories, Home textile, Industrial textile, Knitting, Natural fibre & spinning, Synthetic textile
  • Wood & Timber: Joinery & panel products, Mouldings, Paper products, Sawn timber & Logs
  • Miscellaneous: Audio & video, Bag, luggage & travel related, Books & prints, Gifts & promotional products, Jewelry & watches, Musical instruments, Optical products, Recyclable materials, Toys & hobby products

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